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The Journo Journey is a unique newspaper-making project to make your child a journalist!

What is it?

Downtown Plus The Journo Journey

The Journo Journey is an initiative where coaches and mentors from the Energenie Academy train youngsters in journalism and the nuances of writing by actually working with them for about 30 hours spread over a month-and-a-half, and publish a professional newspaper!

This entire exercise will dramatically improve your child's self-confidence and foster overall personality development. What's more, it will connect them to industry mentors – a benefit that will aid them throughout life.

How is it done?

This is done by publishing an exclusive newspaper for your school, college, colony, tower or housing complex that will be handled completely by the students themselves, or in the case of residential spaces, by the youngsters in the complex.

They will decide on the format, write the content, hunt for ads, design them, learn the art of reporting and editing, understand newspaper production, do the layout, and finally circulate the paper. The Journo Journey gives them a complete understanding of newspaper design and production.

How much will it cost?

The Fixed costs for The Journo Journey are for printing, mentoring and overall guidance. The variable cost is for the quality of the paper and circulation figures. Revenue will be generated through participation fees and advertising, for which we will train the participants in marketing. 

The newspaper will be self-sustaining. It will generate enough revenue to cover the costs. The educational institution or housing complex management will not have to spend anything.

Steps for making the paper

The Journo Journey

  1. Initial meeting with housing complex representatives to chalk out the details followed by meeting with The Journo Journey team to decide content, revenue and structure of the newspaper.  This will be followed by mentoring in journalism skills - reporting, editing, etc.  
  2. Getting images, designing the ads, pagemaking.
  3. Wait with bated breath for the final published issue! Distribution. Awarding of participation certificates to the editorial board with their parents in attendance.


A firm grounding in journalistic writing

Through The Journo Journey project, the student will understand how news is generated, how to recognize news, develop the habit of reading newspapers, become socially aware as a responsible citizen and get an insight into the workings of the world around him/her.

Development of people skills

The workshop will involve the students to go out an interview people, approach people for advertisements, negotiate, and understand the symbiotic relationship between ads and content in a newspaper. This will increase confidence levels and people skills.

Improved language skills

The Journo Journey will teach how to write headlines, intros, story copy, etc. As also, how to correct their colleagues stories. This will enable them to understand English language from an entirely new perspective.

Awareness as conscientious citizens

A journalist needs to be a good citizen first. And to be that, one needs to be aware of what’s happening in the world. The Journo Journey will get them to read newspapers, know the who’s who, and train them to be conscientious citizens.

Thinking out of the box

Increase creativity and help bring about a shift in how you would perceive situations

Clarity on career choices

Once the student understands his/her strength, it would become easier to make career choices.

Access to a professional, industry mentor for guidance

Mentorship in today’s competitive world is of crucial importance to a student. R Sridhar who will be conducting the workshop is also a professional mentor, and will be available for preliminary consultation for the students.


After the completion of one Journo Journey session, a free Personal Energy Management session for the entire editorial board will be conducted.