Personal Energy Management Formats


Personal Energy Management formats are available for all kinds of audiences to help them transform their energy levels

PEM for Individuals

Personal Energy Management (PEM) workshops will help you identify your energy patterns, pinpoint where your energy is stagnating and guide you to take the correct steps you need to take to get it moving. This will enable you to live an energised life. It’s ideal for youngsters, professionals, students, entrepreneurs, senior citizens and homemakers.



This free introduction session about the basics of personal energy management is intended to get participants to think in terms of energy. Moreover, it will make them ponder and explore the physics and mathematics behind everything we experience. In this session, basic exercises are taught to understand the electromagnetic nature of the human body, and how to 'talk' to the Universe.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Your Investment: FREE
  • How to organise it for your group: Contact us a week prior with details of group size.


The Master Class goes deeper and comprises exercises like the energy circle, telepathy, pendulum dowsing, treating the nabhi chakra for better health and how to find your life purpose. Moreover, quizzes, group exercises and bonding form the highlights.

  • Duration: 4 hours - From 2-6 pm
  • Your Investment: INR 3,999 per person.
  • What's provided: Workshop kit + beverages/snacks


This is an intensive session that includes all that's taught in the four hour workshop plus the following:

  • The sureshot way to heal relationships
  • How to communicate across distances
  • The secret to reading your body
  • The techniques to see and feel an aura
  • The way to repair auric tears
  • How to program an object
  • Understanding quantum theories
  • Experiencing Chladni figures
  • Learning physiognomy, and
  • How to find your Ikigai.

In addition, this session also includes audio-visual rounds and loads of exercises.

BONUS: With the 9-hour intensive, you will also get an hour's personal session with Sridhar which you can avail of within 2 weeks of the workshop. Personal energy sessions allow you to share your personal issues and get energy solutions for them.

  • Duration: 9 hours (9 am to 6 pm)
  • Your investment: INR 7,999 per participant
  • What's provided: Workshop kit, lunch, beverages+snacks.

PEM for Corporates

A majority of employees undergo a dramatic shift in their energy levels with a little help in fine-tuning and adjustment of their energy patterns, and this can be achieved through PEM sessions. Importantly, this is ideal for educational institutions, start-ups, MSMEs and large organisations


The corporate workshops are customised to suit the organisation's needs, and depending on the type of audience, they are structured to being about maximum returns. Furthermore, the course includes audio-visual sessions and exercises.

  • Venue: In the company/organisation premises
  • Duration: 4 hours (with 1 followup session of 1 hour after 3 weeks + 1 hr weekly guidance sessions over Whatsapp in the interim)
  • Total length of interaction: 8 hours.
  • Your investment: INR 14,999+GST


Corporates usually do the workshop for the following reasons:

  • For top management
  • As a team-building exercise
  • To improve the energy of the organisation
  • To mobilise a team's energy to achieve a common goal.


Since teachers and support staff face immense stress at their workplace, a customised PEM workshop helps immensely in bringing down anxiety levels, and taking home tips and techniques that they can use to teach and guide students better.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Your investment: INR 4,999


PEM sessions for students help in reducing their stress levels dramatically since the energy tips and techniques they learn allow them to learn of ways to 'ground' themselves.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Your investment: INR 2,499 per participant


  • NGOs and social organisations benefit from these workshops by organising it for their caretakers and members.
  • Your investment: FREE

PEM for Groups

This is for closed communities where members know each other and wish to do a PEM session within their circle. This is very helpful in fostering bonding and healing relationships.

PEM @ Home With Family

This unique workshop will train you to understand the energy patterns in your house and how to identify energy drains. Participants will then learn how to add elements that will perk up the energy levels, and how to correct the frequency in the house. Needless to say, this will help them to create the perfect home that exudes warmth and happiness.

  • Venue: If you have a house that is large enough to accommodate about 15 participants, you can hold a session for your friends and family.
  • Your investment: FREE for host's family (upto 4 participants). INR 2,499 per person for the rest. (Travel and accommodation expenses extra for out-of-Mumbai sessions)

PEM @ Weddings

Marriages are made in heaven, but weddings are made on earth! A marriage is the merging of two families, and a successful marriage is one where the energy of both families become one. PEM workshops at marriages help to bring both families together through the energy way.

  • Venue: As decided by the marriage party
  • Your investment: INR 9,999 for unlimited number of participants

PEM in your City

You can host a PEM workshop in your city as well as a franchisee model. If you have a ready database of people who would be interested in attending this session, you can organize a 4- or 9-hour session In your city, and participate in a revenue-share format with us.

  • Venue: As decided by the coordinator
  • Your investment: INR 2,499 per participant (travel and accommodation expenses extra for out-of-Mumbai sessions)

Energy Mentoring

If you have issues that you may want personally resolved, Energy Mentoring is for you.

How it works:

  1. Choose what format you wish you to do.
  2. We will send you a detailed email questionnaire to understand your situation better. Following this, we can meet up and decide on how to resolve the issue.



These are more general in nature where you will get an understanding of your current energy levels. We will arrive at this based on your answers to the questionnaire as well our interaction with you. These sessions work exactly like a routine visit to the doctor to get yourself checked. As a result, you will get a complete energy reading about yourself, and be in position to correct faulty patterns.

  • Your investment: INR 2,999
  • Your Takeaway: A clear energy audit of yourself and structured roadmap for the future


Let’s say you are facing an issue with your boss, or your money situation, or a specific relationship you are trying to resolve, then One Issue Resolution sessions are ideal for you. We will handhold you over several days till your issue gets resolved to a large extent. We will teach you techniques to alter your energy patterns so that you get solutions.

  • Your Investment: INR 5,999
  • Your takeaway: Resolution of specific issues that served as an energy block in your growth. Once that gets cleared, you will feel free to shift gears in your life.


If you want help in all aspects of your life and feel nothing is going right for you, then you need an energy makeover. We can help you do that by hand-holding you for 3 months during which we will have 30 hours of interaction through physical meetings, Skype sessions and Whatsapp sessions.

  • Your investment: INR 19,999
  • Your takeaway: Renewed energy levels and fresh approach towards life in general. Energy makeovers are awesome replenishment tools to get you going.