My Story

In search of my Ikigai

I live in Mumbai, India., where I wear two hats – one, as a newspaper editor, and the other, as a personal energy coach. Both require a keen sense of observation, a curiosity about what makes people tick, and a fascination about unravelling the unknown. Both these broad yet converging life paths have helped me find my Ikigai, and I help people find theirs. The Japanese have a secret recipe for a long and happy life. It’s called Ikigai. Simply put, it means the reason for living – the thing that gets you out of bed each morning. They say that everyone should have an ikigai to live a fulfilling life. My ikigai – which I pursued without realising that it is one – is to study, practice, experience, experiment, live, breathe and learn about energy. I have been fascinated with this subject for close to 30 years now, and have pursued interests, vocations, professions, and passions with a missionary zeal simply to study the subject of personal energy and human behavior. I always wonder why human beings behave the way they do. And a single-minded pursuit for an answer to this question has led me on a fascinating path of discovery leading to innumerable aha moments along the way. I am employed as Consulting Editor with The Times of India Group and specialize in niche journalism. I have been fortunate to launch and spearhead several publications for the Times Group which today are its mainstays. I have taught journalism to under-grad, post-grad, and school students, and have been a mentor to many. I have also been a columnist for many years for my paper writing on the subject of energy management. While my training in journalism helped in my core job, it also helped immensely in developing a questioning mind and a curiosity to find out the hows and whys of spirituality and metaphysics. It’s a subject that doesn’t have ready answers, where learning is subject to interpretation, and where much happens in the unseen, invisible world than the visible.
Hence, alongside my main job, I pursued the study of energy by first becoming a therapist, treating people, developing an acute understanding of how energy moves in the body and then creating a course to share this knowledge.

When I became a Reiki teacher

I was a Reiki teacher in the early 2000s, and later created my course, Personal Energy Management (PEM) because, my research showed that spirituality is simply science explained in a different language. That, the ancients were extremely advanced and spoke scientific concepts in a different language. I didn’t find any course that taught the physics, chemistry, and mathematics in spirituality in a simplified form to the common seeker. I have pursued both these interests for close to 30 years, and added several more interests to this mix – caricaturing, digital art, photography, predictive sciences like palmistry, graphology and numerology, singing, cartooning and punning. All these varied interests have a common thread - they allow me to observe human behaviour closely and that in turn helps me to gain a deep insight into the wondrous world of energy. It’s said that everything, every skill, every experience teaches you something. In my case, I have pursued many paths to learn about one truth: energy.

The Connect-Ticket experiment

This path led me to conduct many experiments, read innumerable books and listen to great masters. One of the best experiments I conducted was conceiving of the group ‘Connect-Ticket’ in 2001 as a platform for people to express their goodness. Based on the concept of group energy, Connect-Ticket or CT as we refer to it has seen innumerable healings of people in real hopeless situations.
This "Energy" journey  and has been one beautiful ride . I don't have all  the answers, but I'm  happy to share  what I've learned so far. Thank you for being part of my  life! I invite you to a walk down the energy pathway with me.

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