Why should one join Energenie Academy?

Energenie Academy is a single-stop source for all information, training and networking opportunities in the field of personal energy management. The subject of energy does not have straight answers – it is experiential learning and learning from each other. Therefore, being part of an academy that comprises people who are walking the same path, helps a lot in getting clarity on the subject.

What kind of activities does the Energenie Academy offer?

We offer courses and workshops in Personal Energy Management, one-on-one sessions and mentoring options for a wide variety of people. The Journo Journey is specially created for youngsters so that they receive mentoring in not only journalism but life skills through trained accomplished teachers.


Can you leave if you are not satisfied with the activities?

Yes, of course you may. But we are sure you will not want to. Energenie Academy is a conduit to connect with a whole array of people who can offer you help in many ways.


Is personal energy coaching the same as life coaching?

Yes, but the approach is different. Personal Energy coaching encompasses assessing, analysing and correcting your energy patterns, and once we do that, your life changes for the better. It aims at overall wellbeing from an energy point of view. Life coaching is more about improving opportunities in life, and living life better.


Do you propagate any particular religion?

Not at all. In fact, PEM is all about understanding and decoding what the ancient masters said in all religions so that we can understand religion better and take a call about its efficacy. Energy is the underlying force behind every movement on earth, and all religions spoke about it but in different languages.


How long does a personal session last?

There are three types – for those who just want to discuss their issues. This is on a per-hour basis. The second format is when you want to resolve a nagging issue in your life – it could be about career, health or relationships. This session can extend up to some days till the issue is resolved. The third format is the three-month hand-holding session wherein we completely change your energy patterns by working closely with you.


How do you mentor children?

We do this through group workshops for children on energy management; individual sessions and The Journo Journey, which is the newspaper making project for youngsters.


If we want to do an entire course personally, is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible.