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R Sridhar’s Energenie Academy of Personal Energy Management offers training programmes in Personal Energy Management (PEM) for individuals, corporates, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and students through workshops and personal sessions. I offer them as a personal energy coach having over 25 year experience. Join Energenie Academy today and get connected!

The Journo Journey

It also offers mentoring solutions through its unique newspaper-making project, The Journo Journey, for students and youngsters in school, colleges and community spaces like housing complexes. As a personal energy coach, I am acutely aware of how volatile children's energy patterns are.

The Academy is a network of individuals who are connected through one thread – the willingness to help those in need.  Learn of numerous tips and techniques to deal effectively with anxiety, stress, fatigue and insecurity; heal your chakras; boost your energy; find your Ikigai, and be in a state of mindfulness through meditation, improved health that will help you manage your life and gain mastery over your circumstances.