About R Sridhar

Solopreneur ǀJournalist ǀ editor ǀtherapist ǀpersonal energy coach ǀmentor ǀsocial entrepreneurǀauthorǀdigital artist ǀcaricaturist ǀsinger ǀpunster

It’s said that everything, every skill, every experience teaches you something. In my case, I have pursued many paths to learn about one truth: energy.

At the core of my work is a simple, yet powerful question: How can I help people manage their energy better to live more fulfilling lives.

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My Mission & Vision

I want to help you be more in control of their energy. Often, we go through the ups and downs of life without understanding that everything happens because of the energy we exude, the way we breathe, the frequency we emit and the wavelengths we create. It is science. It is physics. It is electromagnetism.

When we see life through the electromagnetic prism, it appears more solvable and comprehensible. I want to share these inputs, these nuggets of information, and my nearly 3-decade-long research on this subject with whoever is interested in joining me on this path.

Today, we live in a sharply polarised world, where truth and trust is at a premium. The overwhelming feeling is one of despair and gloom, and a morbid fear of the future. From an energy point of view, we constantly suffer from energy drainage. However, this feeling can be overcome and humankind can be healed if we understand how to manage our energy, and help not only ourselves but get others trained as well. It will lead to contented individuals who are more in control of their energy, who in turn will turn the world into a happier place.

I try and do this through R Sridhar’s Energenie Academy of Personal Energy Management, which serves as a one-stop-shop for everything that spells energy. Join for free.


Only Good News page on Facebook

With the world media spewing out more negative news than positive, I felt the need to start this Facebook group to post only good news stories from across the world. This group aims to serve as a reservoir of good, positive news from across the world. Formed about 2 years back, the group has over 5000 members. Members post/repost/share good news stories from different media to reinforce the fact that there is a lot of good that happens world over, and we just have train our mind to focus on the positives in everything.

Join in by clickingHERE if you want good energy in and around you.