How to open a spiritual recurring deposit

spiritual recurring deposit

A spiritual recurring deposit is an energy healing technique to treat an ailing person regardless of the location.

It works just like a recurring deposit (RD) that you open with your bank.


In this blog post, you will learn:

  • How to transfer energy to another person to aid healing
  • How to stop the transfer after the healing is complete
  • The mysterious ways of the Universe.

You must have opened a RD account at some point in your investing career. If you have not, then this is how it works: You instruct your bank to periodically deposit a fixed sum of money in the RD, which after a period delivers a bounty thanks to the power of compounding.

In energy terms, this is transferring energy in the form of money to another account. This happens when you give a specific instruction to the bank.  The bank, in this case, is like a huge repository.

You can transfer energy

When a child comes wailing to its mother, all that the mother does is embrace the child. Voila! The child stops to cry because the mother has transferred some of her energy!  (Check out my article: The power of a child on Speaking Tree). This is a classic demonstration of transfer of energy.

You experience energy in myriad ways. Money is one of them. Love, knowledge, health, sleep, music, et al are many other ways.

The phrase, “I love you” has magical energy, isn’t it? If you say it with intensity and passion, it immediately ‘reaches’ the recipient!

Likewise, if you say it half-heartedly, the transfer is also, well, half-hearted. The recipient “does not fully receive the feeling of love”. Remember, this is an intuitive feeling and you intuitively know whether the emotion expressed is genuine or not.

Similarly, we can transfer knowledge as energy. Why, we even transfer sleep! When you yawn, remember how others in the room start to yawn?

The compounded returns

When you regularly deposit or invest energy in something or in some person or activity, it delivers compounded returns. For instance, you get a ‘compound interest’ in the form of more knowledge when you regularly invest energy in educating yourself.

You enjoy a great relationship with a person when you regularly invest in that relationship by wholeheartedly loving that person. Similarly, you are blessed with a healthy body if you invest in regular exercise.

Is it possible to open a spiritual recurring deposit?

The answer is ‘yes’.

Logically, it is possible to open a recurring deposit for every aspect of energy – a template wherein you deposit a small quotient of energy for a particular cause and by issuing specific instructions to the repository, which in this case is the Universe.

You need not check on the process. You will get proof of delivery by seeing the result.

After all, when you opened the RD, you only ‘instructed’ the bank and did not actually see the money being transferred, isn’t it? But you got a verification about the compounded interest by looking at the passbook at the end of the stipulated period.  The process automatically happens based on your instructions.

A spiritual recurring deposit works on the same logic. You just instruct the Universe which is a huge repository of energy, and it does the rest.

Think about it: We give instructions to the Universe continuously without realizing it. When you pray for getting 90 per cent marks in your exam, you are basically placing a request in this repository called the Universe, isn’t it?

You can help a person by transferring energy

Let’s say you have a family member or friend – we can call him Rahul – who stays far away and is unwell. You feel frustrated for not being able to help him since you are physically away from him. Don’t worry, this is what you can do:

  • Mentally affirm – ideally when you are relaxed – that an X portion of your daily quantum of energy be transferred to Rahul. This portion could be 0.1 per cent, 1 per cent or even 10 per cent. It’s completely your choice.
  • Your affirmation can be like this: “May X per cent of my daily energy be transferred to Rahul to help him heal completely.”
  • The Universe works fabulously, and in a way that we are yet to understand. The ether – which is the fifth element – is where such affirmations and programming is said to be processed. The energy you have affirmed for Rahul will “reach” him and will ensure that he gets an extra quota of energy every day.
  • If you can convince 10 people to donate bits of energy in this fashion for Rahul, his healing will be much faster.
  • And when he gets healed, you can choose to discontinue this ‘energy donation’, again by way of an affirmation, which can read like this: “I retain the energy I pledged for Rahul. Thank you.”

I can speak from experience that this technique works brilliantly.

Try out this spiritual recurring deposit exercise which is a technique of Personal Energy Management, and share your experience. 🙂


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