6 energy management tips on how to prepare for exams

How to manage your exam stress

How to prepare for your exams is the question that daunts most students. But it's easier to deal with it if you see the whole situation in terms of energy. 

If your board exams are seen as energy, as a force to reckon with, you will realise that you need to manage your energy first before you study the subject itself!

A board exam can be visualised as this big ball of energy which is made up of all kinds of emotions and situations.

This ranges from the importance of the exam, the expectations from all quarters, pressure from peers and parents, fear of the future, fear of failure, etc. - all culminating in this enormous mountain that you feel you need to cross.

All this creates this larger-than-life image of a board exam, and you need to pump up your energy levels sufficiently high and of equal measure if you want to succeed in this exam.

When you see the whole thing in terms of energy, it's pretty simple. Just work on increasing your energy levels using the tips provided below, and you will see a remarkable improvement in your ability to deal with the situation.

How to prepare for exams

How to prepare for an exam. Remember these 6 points

1. A good leader leads a motivated team.

You need to be a good leader of your team - one who respects and takes care of all the members of the team. Do you know who is in your team?

  • All the parts of your body which work tirelessly 24x7 to keep you going. You need to know what keeps it nourished and provide it with that nourishment.
  • Your well-wishers - family, school, teachers, friends who have played a part to help you reach this stage.
  • Your accessories - books, pens, stationery, bags, etc., without which you will not be able to write your exam.
  • The support of complete strangers who are facilitating you - your neighbours, the bus/train/car drivers, random people who are helping in small but meaningful ways.
  • Your destiny - prayers and blessings from all quarters.

When the entire team functions as a unit, milestones are easy to achieve because of the sense of purpose. You need to therefore, get all these forces that are in your favour, to work for you together.

Check out this amazing video of how the team treats a loved leader - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u5VQlBENB8

2. Take care of your body. Make it your BFF - your Best Friend Forever!

The human body basically gets replenished through the five elements - air, fire, water, earth and space (or sky/time)

  • AIR - Make sure you get enough rest periods - the time when you can catch your breath, collect your thoughts and recoup. Get fresh air on your face.
  • FIRE - Get the sun on your body. Stand in the morning sun for about half hour. You can even study sitting in the sun.
  • WATER - Drink 8 cups of water on an average. Your body functions optimally when it gets 70 per cent water. Your brain is 85 per cent water. Replenish your body so that toxicity doesn't increase.
  • EARTH - Stand on muddy ground - ideally on the grass in the park - for about half hour. This facilitates grounding - a process whereby the earth absorbs your 'excess' energy. When you are stressed, you need let go of this excess energy into the earth.
  • SPACE - Sleep well for 8 hours. Take out time to do things other than studies. But don't overdo it.

When all these five elements are in balance, you will find yourself energised.

3. Watch what you eat

Our body is healthy if its pH balance is maintained. The more acidic it gets, the more it gets damaged. Hence, for the duration of your examination, identify a list of alkaline foods. (Click here to get the list).

Give it to your family member and ask them to prepare dishes only from this chosen list, till the last paper you have to attempt. Post that you can eat to your heart's content. But during the course, avoid acidic foods like the masalas, chips, pizzas, etc. Eat alkaline and increase the water content in your body. 

4. How we are electromagnetic

The human body is electromagnetic ie. we generate electricity and magnetism. In that sense, we are a mini-earth, with earth being the bigger magnet. Hence, we also have the north pole (head) and south pole (feet).

If you are not able to understand a subject, change your posture by 90 degrees and try studying the subject again. Keep changing your orientation by 90 degrees till you come to a point when you are able to intuitively feel that yes, this direction is right.

By doing this, you are changing your position vis-a-vis the earth, and that makes a huge difference.

Check out this story in Forbes on how the human body is electromagnetic.

5. Difficult subjects

If you have a subject that you dread, take a notebook, and write down that subject's name.

Say, for instance, it's Maths. Do it nicely, neatly and as affectionately as possible. After writing the word 'Maths', decorate that name. Treat it the way you would treat a birthday boy. 'Caress' it.

Close your eyes and thank that subject for being in your life, for teaching you so much. And ask it, how you should be studying it. Receive the message you get and trust me, you will get an answer back. Try it 🙂

6. Take blessings

Keep your accessories nicely and your books neatly. Thank them. Write small thank you notes to your family for supporting you through all this. Seek their blessings. Seek your neighbours, relatives and teachers' blessings.

By doing this, you are increasing your quota of energy. Remember, I mentioned how you need to 'match' up to the energy level of the board exam? This is the way.

So, to sum up, get your body to support you, increase your electricity and magnetic (a vigorous rubbing of hands is enough to charge you), align your energy with everything that's working for you in terms of accessories, become friends with difficult subjects, and last but not the least, accumulate blessings.

A blessing is that silent potent force that holds you in its palm at all times.

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