Flowers can heal

We all go through a variety of emotions every day. And these emotions are largely decided by our personalities.


* Are you despondent, easily discouraged, and dejected over some development in your life?
* Do you experience lack of love for others, jealousy, envy, hatred, suspicion?
* Are you experiencing extreme fear, terror or panic?
* Are you overly possessive, demanding respect and obedience, and selfish?
* Are you feeling temporarily overwhelmed by responsibility though very capable in other times?

Many of us feel ‘negative’ emotions, and go on to live our lives trapped in these emotions. The damage that these cause our body is known only when we develop illnesses. Many ailments, after all, are known to be psychosomatic in nature.

So, what does one do? Is there any cure for emotions like those listed above? Or for procrastination, of lack of fulfilment, or pride, or over-enthusiasm, nostalgia, et al. Yes, there is. Flower Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies

In the early 1930s, a renowned British physician, Dr Edward Bach, noted that many illnesses seemed directly related to the patient’s troubled mental state. Believing that traditional medicine neglected the emotions, Bach abandoned his lucrative practice and began to search for a method to “treat the patient and not the disease.”

Over the next several years, he formulated what have come to be known as the Bach Flower Remedies. These are 38 flower-based formulae purported to cure a wide range of emotional disturbances, including fear, uncertainty and loneliness.

To prepare his flower remedies, Bach ignored his scientific background and relied on intuition. He claimed he could discern the healing properties of a flower by merely placing his hand over the petals. The elixirs, now sold around the world, are dilute forms of flower and plant extracts in a mix that is 40 per cent alcohol.

Supporters credit the nostrums with curing everything – from shyness to despondency, and the US Food and Drug Administration has approved them as homeopathic preparations for sale to the general public.

Says Pushpa Shah, who has been using these remedies for the past three months, “They work so subtly and wonderfully. In fact, one doesn’t even realise how the healing has taken place. It’s beautiful.”

Vikas Narvekar (name changed on request) was refusing to take his diabetes medicines and his appetite had increased tremendously all of a sudden.

His family, needless to say, were at their wit’s end trying to convince him. And they were scared for him too. These flower remedies did the trick.

We gave him the flower remedy that related to his type of behaviour. And there is a remarkable improvement. Now he is asking for the medicine himself, says Narvekar’s daughter, Aparna.

How does one consume it?

If you want to try out these remedies, search for Bach Flower Remedies on the Internet. There are many sites available, and you will find all the 38 different varieties listed and given alongside will be the symptoms or emotional disturbance.

For instance, the extract of the flower Cherry Plum is used to treat ‘Collapse of mental control, vicious temper, fear of doing harm to oneself and others’. Likewise, all other 38 flower remedies and the adjoining symptoms will be listed. Go through the symptoms list, and pick the ones that you are going through. Purchase the related remedy from your homeopathic pharmacy.

The remedies come in small bottles; they are transparent, and cost about Rs 40 per bottle. All you got to do is put three drops of this extract in water or tea, and consume four times a day.

You can use a combination of extracts too if you want. One particularly useful remedy to keep in the house is ‘Rescue Remedy’, which is a combination of five flower extracts. This is used if a person gets out of control, or is in total shock.

Flower remedies have no scientific proof of their efficacy, and some of the emotional states they purport to treat warrant consultation with a medical doctor or other qualified counsellor before consumption. There is no doubt, however, that it is a very useful therapy to treat oneself and others.