It’s not about yoga or namaz. It’s about moving the joints

Do you know why most physical exercises – be it yoga, aerobics, weight training, etc. – stress on moving the joints of the body? Why, even spiritual practices across religions – like the sashtangnamaskars of Hindus, or the namaz in Islam, or the kneeling down in the church or the shuckling in Judaism – all, involve bending, moving and ‘activating’ the joints. The reason is the energy in the body moves from one joint to another, and the only time it moves is when the joint is moved or exercised.

In order to be healthy, it is imperative that we ensure that our energy is always in a state of motion. That it keeps flowing smoothly in our body. In fact, good health happens only when your energy keeps moving. Not just physical health, but also mental health in terms of happiness, opportunities, good relationships, positive thinking, etc., is achieved only if you simply concentrate on this singular activity throughout life. You need to ensure that you move your joints everyday, be disciplined about it and include that activity as a daily ritual so that you are ensured of a smooth flow of energy all the time.

This flow can get hampered due to a number of reasons like ego, bad health, lack of exercise, faulty thinking, hidden emotions, a poor and thin aura, bad relationships, pollution, guilt, jealousy, etc. Conversely, it can also be said that all these negative attributes arise due to poor energy flow.

The seers of yore across religions knew this, and hence in order to ensure good health in an individual, devised rituals that were essentially exercises aimed at moving the joints. Like yoga, or namaz, or the maathatekna at the Gurudwara as the Sikhs do, or touching the feet of elders or prostrating before them to take blessings, or even specific prayer techniques – all these and more ensured a smooth energy flow. This was not about politics. It was about health. It was not about vote-catching. It was not about expanding territory. They designed these rituals, combining them with a healthy dose of discipline and societal pressure, so that the individual indulges in activities that helps to keep his energy moving. So much so, that it becomes part of his daily living even without him realizing it.

What would happen if the joints are not exercised?

To explain this, I’ll give the example of a water canal. Consider a canal that bends at two points. Water will flow in it smoothly in as long as it is long and straight. But when the bend occurs, the water takes a while to change direction. It will splash against the walls of the canal, create a vortex there due to the pressure before ultimately changing its direction. Ditto at the other bend as well.

This constant pressure situation at the bends will cause erosion of the soil and wear and tear of the canal’s walls in those areas, isn’t it? It therefore becomes necessary for the hydraulics department to keep cleaning the bends and making sure no silt formation takes place there because when the silt deposits increase, the quantity of water flowing further down the canal will decrease.

The same principle operates in our body as well. Exercises – spiritual- and fitness-related – are techniques to avoid the ‘silt’ formation in the joints because when the joints are not exercised, the quantum of energy flowing down to the other parts of the body will also decrease. That is why, joint pain is usually the first type of pain that springs up in our body.

So, keep those joints moving and with it, your energy. And yes, avoid getting sucked into the politics that is being made out of it.