How we created the Taliban with our breath


I had posted a question on Facebook yesterday:

If there is a Taliban in the world outside me, it is because there is a Taliban in the world inside me. Until I don’t resolve my issues with the inner Taliban, the outer one will keep manifesting. Because I create the world I live in. Would you agree?

Thank you very much for your points of view. Here’s my take:

Existence is all about balancing the polarities. The positive and negative. The yin and yang. Each feeds the other. Both are always in balance, automatically, naturally because the Universe exists in a state of balance. When we breathe in, we have to breathe out. When we eat, we have to defecate. When we drink water, we have to urinate. When we create something, we create waste. When we switch on the AC for cool air, it automatically causes global warming. When our car helps us to travel, it automatically creates harmful gases.

The only way to reduce the scale of these polarities is to reduce the volume. Reduce your car’s usage and the emissions will automatically reduce. Use the AC less and you have lesser global warming. And so on.

There are only two constants in the world: the first is we breathe, the second is we die. We can pray we get a good death, and we can try to breathe better. Each breath causes us to emit a frequency, a sine wave. The deeper and slower the breath, the more harmonious is the frequency. The more rapid and shallow the breath, the more disturbed frequency we emit.

When we produce more weaponry, it automatically creates an energy that will use that weaponry because as I said before, the Universe exists in a state of balance. So, that means there will be a community that will get created which will use that weaponry. We create weaponry because we are insecure. When we are insecure, our body gets dysfunctional. (To use a holistic therapist’s lingo, our mooladhara chakra starts malfunctioning). The more our body is dysfunctional, the more shallow and faulty is our breathing. The more our breathing is disrupted, the more disturbed frequencies we emit. The more we emit such frequencies, the more it impacts the frequencies around us. The more disturbed frequencies around us, the more disharmony we face. The result? We live in a world – of our creation – where everything seems chaotic.

Is there a solution here? Yes, try this exercise but its impact will be felt more if it’s done collectively. Just consciously slow down your breathing. If you currently breathe at the rate of 3 inhalations-exhalations per five seconds, reduce it to 2 per five seconds. Consciously be aware of your breath. Practise this for a few days and you will see changes around you. Bring it down further – to 1 per five seconds. You will see more changes within and outside you.The more people who do this, the more the global frequency gets settled, and the more that happens, the less we will see incidents like what we saw in Peshawar yesterday.