“Hey Cancer! You’re not going to take over my life, you got that?!”


While only those having the ailment know the pain associated with cancer, I’d like to talk about the ailment from an aura point of view and I hope my points of view will be relevant to all those battling the big C.

Firstly, avoid using the word ‘suffer’. It’s better to say “I have cancer” instead of saying “Im suffering from cancer.” Because words that you use are very powerful and have a deep psychosomatic and subconscious impact. You can have cancer without suffering from it. πŸ™‚ Get the drift?)

Most ailments are psychosomatic in nature – meaning they emanate from an emotional root. Cancer, it is said in healing theories, results from a lack of love at some stage in life. It could be in childhood, teens or whenever. That seed of a cancer germ gets planted in your aura and slow gnaws its way to the body. And when it reaches your body, you end up in the doc’s clinic. In this bodily journey, this germ tears through your aura and causes a huge hole – what is called as an auric hole.

Energy then starts to leak from this hole. You find energy in all the forms that it manifests in your life like love, relationships, money, time, peace of mind, freedom, etc. – leaking out of this auric hole so to speak. People start to move away from the patient thinking the ailment is contagious or they do so simply because they don’t understand the ailment. The result? The auric hole becomes bigger. Expenses shoot up. The result? The auric hole becomes bigger. And bigger. And so on. The result is that the auric hole becomes so big that less energy comes in to the body and more energy gets drained.

So, is there a solution?

Yes there is. πŸ™‚

How do you repair a bucket with a hole? Do you fill more water? No, coz that water will drain out. You need to plug the hole first, right? The same logic applies here.

Here are ways to plug the auric hole:

1. Despite the pain and the trauma, divert your mind off it. The more you feed the cancer story, the larger it becomes. Take your mind off it and do something completely new. Like for instance, learn to play an instrument. Or learn a new skill. Don’t ‘feed the cancer cell’ with importance. Many years back, I had met a lady who had beaten cancer twice – first of the stomach, then of the throat (she had even lost her voice and got it back!) I asked her how did she do it? She said “I just didn’t give it importance…” It’s a simple statement but such a powerful one. What she meant was she did the treatment required but didn’t allow the cancer to take over her life. She didn’t allow it to rob her of her dignity.

2. Connect with your passions. Passions like music, dance, arts, sport or even taking morning walks or catching butterflies. Passions are those that we nurtured and enjoyed when young only to ignore later in life. But we never really forget them – whenever we encounter them, we feel a wave of energy pass through us. So, connect with your passions in a small but sure way. Recently, I was giving a lecture on energy management to some elderly Rotarians and told them about connecting with their passions. One elderly lady nodded her head in acceptance, stood up and said, “I am 70 years old. Whenever my family members go out of the house, i go into my room and dance to my heart’s content!” Now, that’s what I mean by connecting with your passions πŸ™‚

3. People who are tending to cancer patients should hug them more. Physical touch and proximity is very important. It lends energy.

4. Shower them with gifts, expose them to the five elements of nature.

5. Take a potted plant, name it after the patient, and nurture the plant as you would want to nurture your loved one. As the plant grows, so will the energy in the patient’s body. This is called transposing of energy.

These are some techniques you can try for yourself if you are ailing or for those who you know are ailing.

Thank you for reading. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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