Welcome to R Sridhar’s EnerGenie Academy, home to energy coaching, business coaching, Personal Energy Management (PEM) workshops for individuals and corporates, and the unique journalism mentorship program, The Journo Journey, designed for youngsters to experience the amazing process of creating their own professional newspaper!

I am a professional coach and editor having over 2 decades’ experience in both, energy management and journalism and my life’s mission is to create value by offering a variety of coaching and mentoring options to help you live a more enriched life and I’m glad we found each other!

Social Entrepreneur, Connect-Ticket

This is our 16-year-old global community of creative, vibrant people of all age groups, professions, nationalities and religions who believe in the power of collective prayer and collaborative action. It’s free to join!

Founder, EnerGenie Academy

This is an online oasis that will provide you with all the tools to correct your energy flow and achieve your life goals. It’s a one-stop-shop that offers a variety of options for individuals and corporates.

Coach, Personal Energy Management (PEM)

PEM is the art and science of monitoring, facilitating and being in control of the energy in your body. It’s a must-know skill to be in control of your health, wealth, relationships and passions.

Energy Counsellor, Oheyo

My free video coaching channel on Oheyo, the popular online coaching site, where I answer a variety of queries on how to deal with life situations by effectively managing one’s energy levels.

Mentor, The Journo Journey

This is the newspaper creation project that I conduct for youngsters in schools, colleges and housing communities to get them to experience journalism hands on, and in the process, become more aware and confident citizens.

Author, Kindle ebooks

I have written a range of books on personal energy management to address every aspect of energy and how we can train ourselves to resolve life’s issues with ease. They are available on the Kindle store.


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Day jobs are deceptive, and who would have believed that this quiet, unassuming guy could trigger such a lofty powerhouse like Connect-Ticket.

Bachi Karkaria Celebrity Columnist and Author, Mumbai

I found Sridhar’s sessions very insightful, exciting and interactive. Though he has thoroughly researched the subject, he has a very candid “I don’t know it all” approach in a very sincere sort of way

Brahmanand Singh National Award-winning film-maker

We enjoyed the way Sridhar leads the subject of energy management, his incredible sense of humour, the interesting questions that get raised at his workshop, and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people

Nechama Rozen Kfar Saba, Israel

There is a comfort of being in the ‘Sridhar family’ and an affirmation that small things make a difference

Ashishwang Godha Restauranteur, Pune

His sessions are so informative and insightful! I consider it to be a blessing to be part of this ‘energy’ – there is so much learn and explore

Dr Meenakshi Singhal Gurgaon

Sridhar’s wisdom has helped me become a calmer and more focussed person. I now measure every decision I make in terms of energy, which helps me make the right choice. He gives us a new lease of life!

Anishaa Sahijwala Founder, Giftoria

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